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As a trend setter and technology leader, we are able to supply premium quality solutions, combined with an attractive and functional machine design. Robust and durable.

Our product ranges bring total solutions and special machines for sawing, drilling, plate processing, as well as shot blasting and painting, including logistic and control systems.

Powerful, highly versatile systems, whereby quick return on investment is made possible by means of a high level of performance and productivity.

Our software, machinery and skilled service and spare parts department makes it possible to install and run your machine with the highest uptime.

Passionate People - Product Portfolio
Passionate People - Product Portfolio
  • Provide more cost-effective products and services

    Provide more cost-effective products and services

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Most environmentally friendly. Effective, safe and reliable. Our equipment guarantees the right solution for any requirement.
Benefit from our industry expertise and generate added value - every day.


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